Why The iPhone Makes Me Sick

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iphone-5s-shop-le-monde-editFirst of all, there is nothing essentially wrong with any of the smartphones from the iPhone series. In the beginning of the smartphone boom, Apple was truly making a difference. Luckily there were plenty of other companies competing with Apple and today we have the wide diversity of phones, where everyone can find his or her match. It is not the iPhone or the technology behind the mobile phone that make me sick; it is the PR-puke fest and the sect-like devotion of users to their smartphone. As I previously mentioned, I love my HTC One, but I would not go all over the internet and defend HTC and the One, tooth and nail. You do not have the One? Your loss, if you do want to know.

Allow me to simply list some of the Apple/iPhone facts that irk me the most:

The internal processor, the heart of the iPhone, the SoC, the Apple A series processor has always been made and is currently still made by Samsung. Thus, the iPhone is basically a Samsung phone.

Something is not exclusive if it costs double than comparable item from other manufacturers.

The same something is not exclusive, if millions of other people have the same thing.

“Your” operating system is not “better” because it is based on the OSX, just like the Windows Mobile 8 is not better although it is based on Windows 8.

The iPhone cannot be faster, if it has a single core, dual-core or even quad-core processor, if it is downclocked to save battery time. It furthermore cannot be faster if it only has 1 GB and not 2 GB or more. Having a 64-bit architecture means nothing if you do not have applications that support that architecture, furthermore, the 64-bit OS cannot function properly, if it only has 1 GB of RAM. For mathematical, system and technical reasons it needs to have at least 4 GB of RAM to function properly at all.

A display is not “better” if it has the “retina” moniker attached to it. The higher the pixel per inch ratio, the more detailed is the picture, iPhone 5S, for instance, has a 326 ppi, the HTC One, for instance has 468 ppi, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has 441 ppi, whereby higher means “better”. See, the iPhone does not fare well with other flagship models. Even the Sony Xperia Z has 443 ppi.

Thinner does not mean better either, it means only that it breaks easier if Aunt Petunia inadvertently steps on it with her high heel.

Furthermore, the iPad is not the first tablet ever, even the name – PADD – is the name of the tablet used in the TV series “Spaceship Enterprise – The Next Generation” for their tablet device. Touchscreen is not an invention of Apple – the first transparent touchscreen was developed by CERN engineers in seventies, the first touchscreen phone was made by IBM, the first smartphone by Ericsson, the first touchscreen smartphone by Motorola… The list goes on.

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