The iPhone, Continuation…

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iphoneThe iPhone might as well be the most important smartphone, because it did reinvent the whole mobile phone business, it lead to the smartphone boom, to tablets, to the technology being the way we know it today. The demise of Nokia, the slower demise of BlackBerry, the even yet slower demise of personal computers and the increasing popularity of social networks, all were and are a part of the continuing phenomenon. But since the Kim-Il-sung of the IT technology Steve Jobs died, nothing has been the same with Apple. The last great iPhone, the one Steve Jobs still worked on, was the iPhone 4S.

The new iPhones, the iPhone 5 and the latest versions the iPhone 5s lack the innovative spirit, lack the feel of something new, do not even appear to be any better, despite what Tim Cook is saying. More and more negative press is mounting about the iPhone, from deliberately programming the OS updates to make older iPhones run slower, thereby forcing users to update, to troubles with the OS, software – remember the iOS Maps fiasco – and also the hardware. Battery problems, Wi-Fi antenna problems, exploding phones while being charged, with a casualty, manufacturing plant workers in China committing suicide, riots and strikes plague the Cupertino giant more than anything.

Still, the sect-like followers mindlessly proclaim iPhones undisputed leadership, despite the fact that Apple never really had the “best sold mobile phone ever” moniker. It is still a NOKIA 1100, with Samsung Galaxy S III dangerously closing in. Starting with the Gizmodo site, which is almost a paramilitary pro-Apple outpost, with all the iPhone users, who proclaim how Apple technology is the best and mightiest, but have no idea how to update their OS without a technician’s (paid) assistance. Come to think of it, it is the same way of thinking that existed previously, while the PC against Mac war was going on, but this would distract from the topic.

It is not easy to explain why the iPhone is not a smartphone I would ever use. Perhaps it is the condescending OS, which only allows me to use the phone, but not customize it to my liking? Maybe it is because you need to jailbreak it, in order to gain access to it adequately? Or it is perhaps that you have to believe in its infallibility, without actually getting to see it? I love Apple for all they have done for the market and the industry, but I would never, ever (again) own an Apple product.

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