Samsung, The Meticulous Giant

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samsung-logoTo someone who is not informed enough, Samsung is a company that manufactures mobile phones, TVs and some other electronics. Actually, the mobile phone part may be one of the least things the Samsung Group does. Besides Samsung Electronics, there is Samsung Heavy Industries, which includes shipbuilding; Samsung Engineering, which is a huge construction company; Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Techwin, which deals in aerospace, surveillance and defence technologies; Cheil Worldwide, which is one of the largest advertising agencies in the world and even a theme park, the Samsung Everland.

The Samsung Electronics, which was formerly Samsung Electric Industries, exists in one form or another since 1969. It employs over two hundred thousand employees and has a revenue that is well over a hundred billion British Pounds. While the mobile phone industry is a very important one for Samsung, other electronic components are at least as important, such as manufacturing of flash memory, hard drives, semiconductors, chips, lithium-ion batteries and the formerly mention LED TV sets. As the owners of the Super AMOLED trademark and the largest producer of OLEDs, leading the market, it is no wonder that the display technology is something that excels in Samsung phones. Hey by the way I found this amazing site called MobilePhoneOffers101, check it out as it has got amazing deals.

In the mid-nineties, Samsung decided to take it slow. They financed a lot of sporting and other events, just to stay in the public eye, but besides that, they slowly built up their good name as while pushing Research & Development on one side, but also on the other side, manufacturing components for other companies, most prominently Apple, a company which purchases all memory and processors almost exclusively from Samsung since 2005 to this very day. This policy really paid off. Not only does Samsung now own and operate twenty-four full scale research and development laboratories all over the world, but it is market leading in innovation and technology.

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