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Hi there, I am Jeff Brown and I intend to provide you with the first truly independent mobile phone information site on the Net. I do not get freebies from anyone, I do not work for any of the companies and I do this site for the pure pleasure of liking the matter and wanting to share my opinion. All the phones reviewed I held in my hand and played with it, making sure that you get the first hand information how it is to have one of these phones. All industry information is verified and legit, followed up by e-mail or in conversation with people actually involved in the matter. Most of the stuff is UK based, because that is where I am at.

I would like to start this introduction with the most current story in regards to the bogus Rockstar Bidco Company going after Google and Android. If you are unfamiliar with the matter, sore losers Apple and Microsoft, with ample financial help provided by RIM, Ericsson and Sony, purchased the defunct Nortel telecom from Canada for 4.5 billion US Dollars. Yes, you have read that right, a defunct company bought for four and a half billion. Why would anyone purchase a company that is out of business? Simple reason, Nortel holds a lot of patents, which all the aforementioned will use to sue Google and Android, with some of the biggest names in the mobile phone market also named as defendants, read HTC, Samsung, Huawei, LG and some more. Interesting is that Sony, despite having all the phones running on Android now, is in the whole deal of suing Google.

Well, to make matters worse, this so called “patent trolling” is not done behind closed doors with rumours and gossip being the source, no the source are the trolls, openly admitting that they put up the money just so they can sue Google, because allegedly some of the Android based phones, technology and a bunch of other hoopla is based on technology formerly held by Nortel. Furthermore, they filed the suit in Texas, of all places. What does this mean, you ask? Well, probably all the prices will go up. Because someone has to pay for the 4.5 billion and sure as something it is not going to be the trolls from Rockstar. Additionally, most Android phones will most likely soon be banned from Texas, probably from the US altogether. As the UK is mimicking everything the “big brother” – deliberately with small letters – is doing, soon all Android phones and tablets will disappear from the UK.

The fact that Google has purchased Motorola and has spent triple the amount for that purchase, yes, your math is right, over 12 billion US Dollars, just shows that extensive mobile world commercial and legislative war will break out and all of us, simple users, will suffer the consequences. Simply put, the R&D will stall, new phones will not come out every other month, perhaps not even every other year, but all the companies will get richer, because all the cost will be forwarded to you and me.

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