What Comes Next?

Button-Next-iconSamsung is expected to release the Galaxy Note 4 relatively soon, with wall to wall flexible display, wireless charging technology, an anti-shake feature as well as a highly capable camera, which will be able to make unexpectedly good images in low light situations. It is as of yet unclear how much of that technology will be implemented into the Samsung Galaxy S5, already expected to hit the shelves in a few months. Furthermore, Samsung has announced to jump the 64-bit bandwagon, which – since that they are a serious technological company – would mean that the next phone will feature at least 4 GB of RAM.

LG just released the Nexus 5 with Google, but also the LG G Flex, which above all has a killer battery. They will also soon release their latest version of the Samsung Note – the LG Vu 3, with LG Vu 4 already in testing phase.

Apple made sure everyone noted the stellar launch of the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but the rumour mill is all about the iPhone 6. From a flexible display, to more RAM, from an even larger screen to finally additional storage capability, nearly everything is not only expected, but demanded.

HTC is releasing the long expected follow up to the popular Desire series, the Desire 300, it will be a mid-budget phone, targeting mostly markets in India, China and similar.

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra just came out, but the public interest is not stellar. Sony is also concentrating on releasing Tablets lately, even the Xperia Tablet Z with LTE capability.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is expected to hit the stores very, very soon, with a 20 MP camera, a quad core processor and the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Black OS.

Google Strikes Back

nexusGoogle, once again with LG, just released the latest of the Nexus smartphones, the Nexus 5. It is a 4.95 inches smartphone, with a 1920 x 1080p display at 444 ppi, the Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.3 GHz and the Adreno 330 GPU. There is 2 GB of RAM, with either 16 GB or 32 GB storage and it supports the latest Android OS version, Android 4.4 KitKat. It supports LTE, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi, has a 8 MP back camera and a 1.3 MP front camera, the former with full HD capabilities.

As expected, the specs are top of the line, but the kicker is not the high end technology featured, but the price. The price is just below 300 quid for the SIM-free purchase, which is for all competing manufacturers painfully low. Phones with comparable specs, like the HTC One, for instance, cost about twice as much, the iPhone 5s even more. Thankfully you can order the phone also by Google store, whereby the demand is considerable. No wonder Apple and Microsoft spent billions in order to thwart any advances Google is currently making, if they ever get the Motorola brand up and running again, there is no saying what may happen.

Samsung Galaxy Note III

note3There actually should be no reason to focus on the Galaxy Note, when Galaxy S III and S4 are still around, should there? Something is happening with the market, the mobile phone market and it seems to be a good thing. The displays went from meagre 3.5 inches to whopping 5 and more inch large screens, with incredible display quality and processors that can take the load. While the original Note still is a remarkable phone, with the Note II just improving details and performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note III is a completely new deal. Needless to say, Samsung sold five million units within a month.

Now the iPhone has done that, the Galaxy S III has done that, what is the big deal? The deal is that the Note III is a mix of a tablet and a smartphone, with a screen size of 5.7 inches it is not really a simple mobile phone anymore, you cannot easily hold it in your hand and chat as you could with a more grip-friendly, read smaller, smartphones. But this is no news, new is that people are embracing the concept. Remember Dell Streak? No? Nobody else does either, but the Streak was the first smartphone/tablet on the market and nobody wanted it.

Inside the Note III is everything you thought possible and more. The latest Exynos 5 Octa 5420 processor, or if you opt for the LTE version, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, the same which is going to be in the forthcoming Nexus 5 – and before I forget, the octa does mean that the Exynos 5 runs on eight processor cores. Internal storage is by choice either 32 or 64 GB, expandable with microSDXC with additional up to 64 GB; it features a whole 3 GB of RAM, the 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p at 388 ppi, the camera is 13 megapixel; operating system is Android 4.3, updateable as soon as KitKat becomes available.

While with the original Note and very much with the Note II, the pen was a nice gadget, with all kind of funny application possibilities, with the Note III, or Note 3 if you wish, it has become much, much more. Now the TouchWiz interface completely supports the input per stylus pen, up to the point where you almost forget you can use your fingers as well. It is implemented with any and all applications that run on Android and you will find yourself using it all the time. This integration may as well be the main reason why on one hand the Note 3 is more popular than any of its predecessors, but also why BlackBerry is not improving its sales figures, despite best efforts.

Samsung, The Meticulous Giant

samsung-logoTo someone who is not informed enough, Samsung is a company that manufactures mobile phones, TVs and some other electronics. Actually, the mobile phone part may be one of the least things the Samsung Group does. Besides Samsung Electronics, there is Samsung Heavy Industries, which includes shipbuilding; Samsung Engineering, which is a huge construction company; Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Techwin, which deals in aerospace, surveillance and defence technologies; Cheil Worldwide, which is one of the largest advertising agencies in the world and even a theme park, the Samsung Everland.

The Samsung Electronics, which was formerly Samsung Electric Industries, exists in one form or another since 1969. It employs over two hundred thousand employees and has a revenue that is well over a hundred billion British Pounds. While the mobile phone industry is a very important one for Samsung, other electronic components are at least as important, such as manufacturing of flash memory, hard drives, semiconductors, chips, lithium-ion batteries and the formerly mention LED TV sets. As the owners of the Super AMOLED trademark and the largest producer of OLEDs, leading the market, it is no wonder that the display technology is something that excels in Samsung phones. Hey by the way I found this amazing site called MobilePhoneOffers101, check it out as it has got amazing deals.

In the mid-nineties, Samsung decided to take it slow. They financed a lot of sporting and other events, just to stay in the public eye, but besides that, they slowly built up their good name as while pushing Research & Development on one side, but also on the other side, manufacturing components for other companies, most prominently Apple, a company which purchases all memory and processors almost exclusively from Samsung since 2005 to this very day. This policy really paid off. Not only does Samsung now own and operate twenty-four full scale research and development laboratories all over the world, but it is market leading in innovation and technology.

The iPhone, Continuation…

iphoneThe iPhone might as well be the most important smartphone, because it did reinvent the whole mobile phone business, it lead to the smartphone boom, to tablets, to the technology being the way we know it today. The demise of Nokia, the slower demise of BlackBerry, the even yet slower demise of personal computers and the increasing popularity of social networks, all were and are a part of the continuing phenomenon. But since the Kim-Il-sung of the IT technology Steve Jobs died, nothing has been the same with Apple. The last great iPhone, the one Steve Jobs still worked on, was the iPhone 4S.

The new iPhones, the iPhone 5 and the latest versions the iPhone 5s lack the innovative spirit, lack the feel of something new, do not even appear to be any better, despite what Tim Cook is saying. More and more negative press is mounting about the iPhone, from deliberately programming the OS updates to make older iPhones run slower, thereby forcing users to update, to troubles with the OS, software – remember the iOS Maps fiasco – and also the hardware. Battery problems, Wi-Fi antenna problems, exploding phones while being charged, with a casualty, manufacturing plant workers in China committing suicide, riots and strikes plague the Cupertino giant more than anything.

Still, the sect-like followers mindlessly proclaim iPhones undisputed leadership, despite the fact that Apple never really had the “best sold mobile phone ever” moniker. It is still a NOKIA 1100, with Samsung Galaxy S III dangerously closing in. Starting with the Gizmodo site, which is almost a paramilitary pro-Apple outpost, with all the iPhone users, who proclaim how Apple technology is the best and mightiest, but have no idea how to update their OS without a technician’s (paid) assistance. Come to think of it, it is the same way of thinking that existed previously, while the PC against Mac war was going on, but this would distract from the topic.

It is not easy to explain why the iPhone is not a smartphone I would ever use. Perhaps it is the condescending OS, which only allows me to use the phone, but not customize it to my liking? Maybe it is because you need to jailbreak it, in order to gain access to it adequately? Or it is perhaps that you have to believe in its infallibility, without actually getting to see it? I love Apple for all they have done for the market and the industry, but I would never, ever (again) own an Apple product.

Why The iPhone Makes Me Sick

iphone-5s-shop-le-monde-editFirst of all, there is nothing essentially wrong with any of the smartphones from the iPhone series. In the beginning of the smartphone boom, Apple was truly making a difference. Luckily there were plenty of other companies competing with Apple and today we have the wide diversity of phones, where everyone can find his or her match. It is not the iPhone or the technology behind the mobile phone that make me sick; it is the PR-puke fest and the sect-like devotion of users to their smartphone. As I previously mentioned, I love my HTC One, but I would not go all over the internet and defend HTC and the One, tooth and nail. You do not have the One? Your loss, if you do want to know.

Allow me to simply list some of the Apple/iPhone facts that irk me the most:

The internal processor, the heart of the iPhone, the SoC, the Apple A series processor has always been made and is currently still made by Samsung. Thus, the iPhone is basically a Samsung phone.

Something is not exclusive if it costs double than comparable item from other manufacturers.

The same something is not exclusive, if millions of other people have the same thing.

“Your” operating system is not “better” because it is based on the OSX, just like the Windows Mobile 8 is not better although it is based on Windows 8.

The iPhone cannot be faster, if it has a single core, dual-core or even quad-core processor, if it is downclocked to save battery time. It furthermore cannot be faster if it only has 1 GB and not 2 GB or more. Having a 64-bit architecture means nothing if you do not have applications that support that architecture, furthermore, the 64-bit OS cannot function properly, if it only has 1 GB of RAM. For mathematical, system and technical reasons it needs to have at least 4 GB of RAM to function properly at all.

A display is not “better” if it has the “retina” moniker attached to it. The higher the pixel per inch ratio, the more detailed is the picture, iPhone 5S, for instance, has a 326 ppi, the HTC One, for instance has 468 ppi, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has 441 ppi, whereby higher means “better”. See, the iPhone does not fare well with other flagship models. Even the Sony Xperia Z has 443 ppi.

Thinner does not mean better either, it means only that it breaks easier if Aunt Petunia inadvertently steps on it with her high heel.

Furthermore, the iPad is not the first tablet ever, even the name – PADD – is the name of the tablet used in the TV series “Spaceship Enterprise – The Next Generation” for their tablet device. Touchscreen is not an invention of Apple – the first transparent touchscreen was developed by CERN engineers in seventies, the first touchscreen phone was made by IBM, the first smartphone by Ericsson, the first touchscreen smartphone by Motorola… The list goes on.

The Best Smartphone Ever

HTC-ProductDetail-Hero-slide-04No, I will not bore you with the details why my HTC One is the best phone ever. The moniker “best smartphone” has been overused in the last years, mostly undeservedly, so I will not state that the HTC One is the best. For all I know, the HTC One Max, with the almost six inches HD screen may be even better. The new Samsung Galaxy Note III seems awesome too, besides the Galaxy S4 is pretty neat as well, how about the upcoming Nexus 5? Even the new Apple iPhone 5S seems classy, not to mention the latest Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which is waterproof!

Allow me to start from the very beginning. A smartphone is a very personal choice. You really need to go out and test all devices that come into question for you, be it an entry level model, a mid-range phone or a top of the line device, you need to see it, touch it, play with it for a minute and also see what it can do and how it does do it. Hearing an older dude tell you that a four inch screen with a 64-bit processor and only a 1 GB RAM will fit you better than a five inch screen with a quad-core processor and a 2 GB of memory, just because some dead dude created a company by biting of an Apple is ludicrous. Make your own opinion, do not let other people make it for you, not even me.

Why do I love my HTC? It is easy. It has a 4.7 inch screen with a 1920 x 1080p resolution, at 468 pixels per inch. My version has 32 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM, 1.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor with the Adreno 320 GPU. There is a 4 megapixel camera integrated, but with the UltraPixel BSI image sensor. It does wonders on image quality; it is not only different, but incredible to work with. The GUI is again the HTC Sense, current version 5.5, and if you are used to it, there is nothing better. It does everything I need to be done and basically, this would be the main reason why the HTC One is the best smartphone ever – for me.

Mobile Phones – As I See It

Hi there, I am Jeff Brown and I intend to provide you with the first truly independent mobile phone information site on the Net. I do not get freebies from anyone, I do not work for any of the companies and I do this site for the pure pleasure of liking the matter and wanting to share my opinion. All the phones reviewed I held in my hand and played with it, making sure that you get the first hand information how it is to have one of these phones. All industry information is verified and legit, followed up by e-mail or in conversation with people actually involved in the matter. Most of the stuff is UK based, because that is where I am at.

I would like to start this introduction with the most current story in regards to the bogus Rockstar Bidco Company going after Google and Android. If you are unfamiliar with the matter, sore losers Apple and Microsoft, with ample financial help provided by RIM, Ericsson and Sony, purchased the defunct Nortel telecom from Canada for 4.5 billion US Dollars. Yes, you have read that right, a defunct company bought for four and a half billion. Why would anyone purchase a company that is out of business? Simple reason, Nortel holds a lot of patents, which all the aforementioned will use to sue Google and Android, with some of the biggest names in the mobile phone market also named as defendants, read HTC, Samsung, Huawei, LG and some more. Interesting is that Sony, despite having all the phones running on Android now, is in the whole deal of suing Google.

Well, to make matters worse, this so called “patent trolling” is not done behind closed doors with rumours and gossip being the source, no the source are the trolls, openly admitting that they put up the money just so they can sue Google, because allegedly some of the Android based phones, technology and a bunch of other hoopla is based on technology formerly held by Nortel. Furthermore, they filed the suit in Texas, of all places. What does this mean, you ask? Well, probably all the prices will go up. Because someone has to pay for the 4.5 billion and sure as something it is not going to be the trolls from Rockstar. Additionally, most Android phones will most likely soon be banned from Texas, probably from the US altogether. As the UK is mimicking everything the “big brother” – deliberately with small letters – is doing, soon all Android phones and tablets will disappear from the UK.

The fact that Google has purchased Motorola and has spent triple the amount for that purchase, yes, your math is right, over 12 billion US Dollars, just shows that extensive mobile world commercial and legislative war will break out and all of us, simple users, will suffer the consequences. Simply put, the R&D will stall, new phones will not come out every other month, perhaps not even every other year, but all the companies will get richer, because all the cost will be forwarded to you and me.